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Have money? Do more good with it. Need money? Get more for less.

We offer faith-based, socially-responsible investments to individuals, churches, & non-profit organizations of the United Church of Christ. Plus, we provide low-cost financing options for local churches & ministries.

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“Joining together in faith to invest in and build Community.”

The United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund helps local churches and non-profit organizations create change within their communities. And we’re building transformative products that not only empower these communities, but also help our clients earn even more on their investments.



Explore our resources for churches and organizations for their financial health, property usage, and capital projects.

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Learn more about faith-based, impact investing and how your investments have already made a difference.
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We need creative thinkers who are dedicated to client satisfaction. We are collaborative, innovative, and inclusive. And we’re always looking for great people to join our team.
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Meet the Cornerstone Fund’s Board of Directors and Leadership Team who work hard to fulfill our mission of joining together in faith to invest in and build Community.

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