About The United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund

Have money? Do more good with it. Need money? Get more for less.

We offer faith-based, socially-responsible investments to individuals, churches, & non-profit organizations of the United Church of Christ. Plus, we provide low-cost financing options for local churches & ministries.

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The United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission of “joining together in faith to invest in and build Community.”

Since 1993, the Cornerstone Fund, through the help of our investors, has supported more than 625 local United Church of Christ (UCC) congregations and other UCC-affiliated ministries and organizations with low-cost financing—totaling more than $200 million.

These local churches and non-profit organizations have used this financing for building purchases and construction; building renovations to improve accessibility or to reduce energy usage; enhanced community impact through affordable housing and/or multi-use property development, and other projects.

Currently, Cornerstone Fund investors are helping churches and non-profit organizations of the United Church of Christ:

    • save $3.1 million per year in interest charges with loan refinancing;
    • complete building improvement projects that have reduced energy usage by more than 350,000 kWh per year;
    • make accessibility improvements that serve more than 12,000 people;
    • build more than 350,000 square feet of space; 
    • expand local daycares and early childhood development centers;
    • develop and built affordable housing;
    • enlarge their food pantries and homeless shelters; and,
    • renovate their community rooms/centers and places of worship.

The Cornerstone Fund currently offers investments to individuals, churches, and non-profit organizations affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Its socially-responsible, fixed income investment options include flexible demand note accounts, term notes (from 3-months to 60-months), IRAs, and ESAs. The Cornerstone Fund also offers Kids Club investment options to youth under 18 years of age. See the Cornerstone Fund’s Offering Circular for full details.


Read more about some of the churches
& non-profit organizations that we serve …

St. Paul United Church of Christ (Lebanon, Illinois)
Building renewal is no longer a dream deferred for St. Paul United Church of Christ in Lebanon, Illinois. Improvements to the church now include a new welcome center and additional support for multi-tiered service program …” Read more >>

Irvine United Church of Christ (Irvine, California)
When planning the building project, the congregation’s primary goals included expanding the building space for internal staff, providing the neighborhood and surrounding areas with quality childcare, and making space to collaborate with members of the community. Increased membership? “Well, that’s just an added bonus …” Read more >>

St. Johns United Church of Christ (Columbus, Ohio)
“Senior Pastor Gini knew something needed to change, but change can be a tough sell for a congregation steeped in generations of history. With her eyes on the future, Pastor Gini assembled a ministry team to support a new vision for the church. …” Read more >>

United Church Camps, Inc. of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Conference of the UCC)
“The Cornerstone Fund gave us a headstart on the repairs and new building endeavors. HVAC, information technology upgrades, roofs, and additional siding–these buildings needed a lot of work…” Read more>>

Grace-Trinity United Church of Christ (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
“With the help of the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund, Grace-Trinity UCC, along with other ministries, was able to fund the Grace Neighborhood Academy School, helping to revitalize and strengthen one of Philadelphia’s most economically-challenged neighborhoods …” Read more >>

Mt. Calvary United Church of Christ (Durham, North Carolina)
“Nestled less than a half-mile from North Carolina Central University, MCUCC is a safe space and beacon of hope for surrounding communities…” Read more >>

CHAMP Homes (Hyannis, Massachusetts)
“Based in Hyannis, Massachusetts, CHAMP Homes seeks to heal the causes of homelessness, not just the symptoms …” Read more >>

Uni-Pres Kindercottage (St. Louis, Missouri)
“Uni-Pres Kindercottage continues to support the East St. Louis community with early learning programs for preschool and school aged children …” Read more >>

Grace Immanuel United Church of Christ (Louisville, Kentucky)
“A 130- year old church in a Victorian-era urban neighborhood, Grace Immanuel UCC is committed to welcoming all …” Read more >>

Christ the King United Church of Christ (Florissant, Missouri)
“Whether it is hosting GED training classes or poster-making for a local rally, congregants at Christ the King have come to rely on their church as a place to meet like-minded individuals who support and lift up one another …” Read more >>

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