Christian Investing That Helps Today’s Churches

The Cornerstone Fund – faith-based investing in your own future retirement while investing in the church and local communities.

Being a good steward of your finances means planning for your own future. It also requires you to invest in funds that fulfill your own personal ministry now. That’s what makes the Cornerstone Fund your best choice for Christian investing – helping you combine your finances with your faith.


Investing in the Cornerstone Fund helps other people of faith

Investing in funds that adhere to Christian values can be difficult and confusing. That’s why the Cornerstone Fund is transparent about its purpose and mission: Joining together in faith to invest in and build community.

The Cornerstone Fund offers you these and many more investment options based upon a simple ministry model. You will earn competitive interest* on your investments while supporting local communities through the work of United Church of Christ ministries and other affiliated nonprofits.


Our history: How Christian investing has helped churches

Since 1993, the Cornerstone Fund has supported more than 625 local United Church of Christ (UCC) congregations and other UCC-affiliated ministries and organizations with low-cost loans – totaling more than $200 million in support for church building purchases and construction; building renovations to improve accessibility or to reduce energy usage; enhanced community impact through affordable housing and/or multi-use property development, among others. These low-cost loans are funded through investments from both individuals and organizations, as well as direct giving to the Cornerstone Fund’s Endowment Fund.


Faith-based investing is catching on

It’s no surprise – there’s long overdue but growing popularity with socially responsible investing. Christian investments provide a solid return both monetarily and to the conscience. Your faith-based investments with us support the mission of the Cornerstone Fund to offer low-cost loans to local United Church of Christ ministries and organizations.

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*Not guaranteed by the United Church of Christ.
*Past performance is no guarantee of future results.