Rebuild after a natural disaster

Creative financing options for building projects not covered by insurance

Explore low-cost financing options that are exclusively designed for non-profit organizations—matched with competitive rates and expert consultation

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Home damaged from weather

When property repairs go beyond insurance coverage

Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe storms can cause severe damage to your facilities, and sometimes, insurance simply doesn’t cover the full cost of needed building repairs. Additionally, natural disaster repairs might also make room for overall building improvements, including energy-efficiency, accessibility, and more.

The Cornerstone Fund was created to help organizations address a range of building-related needs, including repairs and renovations after disaster has struck. The Cornerstone Fund offers a variety of financing options, including fixed-rate loans, adjustable rate loans, bridge loans, and lines of credit.

The Cornerstone Fund lending difference

The Cornerstone Fund offers competitively priced and low-fee financing options—from $10,000 lines of credit to multi-million-dollar loans—that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of churches and non-profit organizations, including accessibility improvement projects. Cornerstone Fund representatives work exclusively with churches and non-profit organizations to ensure plans and budgets are well structured and complete. Plus, many organizations find that the Cornerstone Fund offers a better financing package than a local bank.