Giving Bonus Program

Support other agencies while earning more on your investment.

Earn even more on your organization’s investment with the Giving Bonus program.

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Earn more on your investment while giving back to another mission.

Earn a rate bonus with the Giving Bonus programs. Invest a minimum of $10,000 (or $25,000) in a five-year investment, designate a “give-back” gift of at least 10% to any United Church of Christ (UCC) ministry or organization, and enjoy the bonus on the balance of your organization’s investment for the entire five-year term.

Help strengthen ministry even more with the Builder Bonus

Support your favorite ministry or non-profit organization by naming them as the recipient of your 10% gift. Your investment is also supporting the mission of the Cornerstone Fund, by allowing it to provide even more low-cost loans to churches and non-profit organizations.

Plus, if your selected church or non-profit organization has a current loan with the Cornerstone Fund, your investment will count toward their Cash Back program—a program that provides a one-percent rebate when loan dollars are matched with investment dollars.

Earn a bonus for five years

Simply put, you’ll earn a higher rate of return while still enjoying the potential tax benefits available on eligible charitable contributions.

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