Living Stones Endowment Fund

Support the mission of the Cornerstone Fund

Support the growth of other ministries non-profit organizations through the Living Stones Endowment Fund.

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Support the local impact of other ministries and non-profit organizations

You can support the future of other ministries and organizations, with a gift to the Living Stones Endowment Fund. Contributions of any size to the Endowment Fund are instrumental in supporting the mission of the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund.

Since 1993, the Cornerstone Fund has supported more than 625 local United Church of Christ (UCC) congregations and other UCC-affiliated ministries and organizations with low-cost loans—totaling more than $200 million in support for church building purchases and construction; building renovations to improve accessibility or to reduce energy usage; enhanced community impact through affordable housing and/or multi-use property development, among others.

The Living Stones Endowment Fund is an unrestricted fund; however, you may designate a gift within the Endowment Fund for organizations or projects that are important to or your congregation, such as accessibility, environmental and energy improvements, affordable housing, youth and young adults, and more. Gifts may also be directed to benefit one of the UCC’s Conferences and its congregations and ministries.

How to give to the Living Stones Endowment Fund

You can contribute to the Living Stones Endowment Fund with direct contributions and/or through legacy agency giving. Please call us at 888-822-3863 to discuss these various giving options. Personalized programs for endowment are also available; all inquiries are confidential. Gifts of $10,000 or more may be recognized through mutually agreed upon opportunities.

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